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Honors by Devotees of Isis and Sarapis for Lucius Valerius Priscus (II-III CE) Philippi - Macedonia

Philippi (Macedonia, Greece and Macedonia — Pleiades map), II-III CE
RICIS 113/1008 = SIRIS 122 = Paul Collart, BCH 62 (1938) 428-431 no. 10 (fig. 5) = AE 1939, no. 185 = AGRW ID# 15734
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1760


Altar of marble with mouldings framing the inscription and damage at the bottom (110 x 95 x 53 cm; letter height: 5-5.2 cm).

The devotees (cultores) of Sarapis and Isis set this up for Lucius Valerius Priscus, son of Lucius, of Voltinia tribe, who has been honored with the insignia of the office of a decurion, being a decurion, a chief of police (irenarchus), a magistrate, and the provider of gladiatorial games.

Translation by: Ascough and Harland

L. Valerio L. fil(io) | Volt(inia) Prisco, | orn(amentis) dec(urionatus) hon(orato), | dec(urioni), irenar(chae), II vi||r(o) iur(e) d(icundo), munera|rio, cultores | deor(um} Serapis [et] | Isidis.

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