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Honors by Worshippers for Hermadion (ca. 250 CE) Philippi - Macedonia

Philippi (Macedonia, Greece and Macedonia — Pleiades map), ca. 250 CE
RICIS 113/1010 = P. Lemerle, "Inscriptions latines et grecques de Philippes (suite)," BCH 59 (1935) 126-164, at 141-142 (no. 41) = SIRIS 124 = PHI 150511 = AGRW ID# 23831
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1760


Slab found reused in a pillar of the Christian church near the forum.

The worshippers (thrēskeutai) honored their own contest-director (agōnothetēs) of the great Asklepios competitions, Quintus Flavius Hermadion son of Quintus Flavius Hermadion–the greatest leader of the gymnasium and high-priest.

Translation by: Harland

Κο(ίντον) Φλάβιον Ἑρ|μαδίωνα υἱὸν | Κο(ίντου) Φλαβίου | Ἑρμαδίωνος | τοῦ κρα(τίστου) γυμνα|σιάρχου κα<ὶ> | ἀρχιερέως | οἱ θρησκευ|τὲ τὸν ἴδιον || ἀγωνοθέτην | τῶν μεγάλων | Ἀσκληπείων.

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