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Honors by Tribes for Ogeilu Mentioning Merchant Caravans (199 CE) Palmyra - Syria and Phoenicia

Palmyra (Syria and Phoenicia, Greater Syria and the East — Pleiades map), 199 CE
IPalmyra 222 = IEuphrat 708 = PAT 1378 = PHI 304836 = AGRW ID# 10364


Double console with two tenons found in the market (agora) (45 x 257 cm).

By edict of the Council and the People, the four tribes (phylai) honored Ogeilu son of Maqqal, grandson of Ogeilu, great-grandson of Agegu, and descendent of Shewira (Severa [?]), because of all his virtue and courage and because he arranged and led campaigns against the nomads.  Using his own resources, he arranged for the security of the merchants and the caravans on all the caravan journeys, and he accomplished every civic duty in a brilliant and glorious manner.  This was set up for the sake of honor in the 510th year.

(Palmyrene translation follows).

Translation by: Harland

προστάγματι βουλῆς καὶ δήμου, | αἱ τέσσαρες φυλαὶ Ογηλον Μακκαιου τοῦ Ογηλου τοῦ Αγεγου | τοῦ Σεουιρα, δι’ ἀρετὴν πᾶσαν καὶ ἀνδρείαν καὶ διὰ τὰς συνεχεῖς τὰς | κατὰ τῶν νομάδων στρατηγίας συναράμενον καὶ τοῖς ἐνπό||ροις καὶ ταῖς συνοδίαις ἀεὶ τὴν ἀσφάλιαν παρασχόντα ἐν πάσαις | συνοδιαρχίαις καὶ πολλὰ καὶ διὰ ταῦτα ἐξ ἰδίων ἀναλώσαντα καὶ πᾶ|σαν πολειτίαν λαμπρῶς καὶ ἐνδόξως ἐκ[τελέσαντα] τειμῆς χάριν ἔτους [ιφʹ].

{Palmyrene translation}

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