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Honors by Sacrificing Associates of the Mother of the Gods for a Secretary (175/174 BCE) Piraeus - Attica

Piraeus (Attica, Greece and Macedonia — Pleiades map), 175/174 BCE
GRA I 37 = IG II² 1329 = PHI 3545 = AGRW ID# 3932
Copenhagen Inventory info: 361


Slab (stele) of Pentelic marble (86 x 42 x 11.5 cm; non-stoichedon: 32-41 letters).

For good fortune! In the year that Sonikos was leader (archon), in the month of Mounichion, at the regular assembly (agora). Onesikritos son of Diokles of Piraeus, proposed the following motion: Whereas Chaireas has continually been well-intentioned to the sacrificing associates (orgeōnes) on every occasion, having also been appointed as secretary (grammateus) by them beginning with the year that Theoxenos was leader (archon), and has in no way neglected his honorable ambitions and has continued to be well intentioned to the sacrificing associates assisting them to enhance the association (synodos).  And whereas many times he has been concerned about servicing the temple and has not failed in any contribution at all, but has introduced decrees for the benefit of the association, so that the extremely inopportune expenses were reduced.  And whereas he also arranged that ordinary people (tous dēmotikous) should share in the benefactions given by the sacrificing associates; he has also continued to undertake service for the collection and for the sacred furnishings; he has frequently advanced money for payments without charging interest when the treasurer happened to be absent; and, he has promised that in the future he will be ready to consider whatever matter the sacrificing associates ask of him.  Therefore, so that there may be a rivalry among those who are zealous at any time – knowing that those who act as benefactors shall receive fitting recognition –  for good fortune, the sacrificing associates have resolved to commend Chaireas son of Dionysios of Athmonon; to crown him with a wreath of olive, on account of the excellence and piety that he has shown to the gods and to the sacrificing associates; to announce publicly the crown at the sacrifice in the month of Mounichion, when they also perform the sacrifices; and, to give to him a fitting monument (stele) in the temple. They shall inscribe this decree on a monument (stele) and erect it in the courtyard of the temple.

The sacrificing associates crown Chaireas son of Dionysios of Athmonos.

Translation by: Kloppenborg

ἀγαθεῖ τύχει· ἐπὶ Σωνίκου ἄρχοντος, Μουνι|χιῶνος ἀγορᾶι κυρίαι· Ὀνησίκριτος Διοκλέ|ους Πειραιεὺς εἶπεν· ἐπειδὴ Χαιρέας εὔνους ὢν | διατελεῖ ἐν παντὶ καιρῶι τοῖς ὀργεῶσιν, κατα||σταθεὶς δὲ καὶ γραμματεὺς ὑπ’ αὐτῶν ἀπὸ | Θεοξένου ἄρχοντος οὐθὲν ἐνλέλοιπεν φιλο|τιμίας συναύξων τε διατετέλεκεν τοῖς ὀρ|γεῶσιν τὴν σύνοδον, πεφρόντικεν δὲ καὶ θερα|πήας τοῦ ἱεροῦ πλεονάκις, οὐκ ἀπολέλιπται δὲ || οὐδ’ ἐν ἐπιδόσει οὐδεμιᾶι, εἰσήνενκεν δὲ καὶ | ψηφίσματα ἐπὶ τῶι συνφέροντι ἵνα συνσταλῶ|σιν αἱ λίαν ἄκαιροι δαπάναι, ἐφρόντισεν δὲ τοῦ καὶ | τοὺς δημοτικοὺς μετέχειν τῶν δεδομένων ὑπὸ | τῶν ὀργεώνων φιλανθρώπων, διατετέλεκεν δὲ καὶ || συνλειτουργῶν ἐν τοῖς ἀγερμοῖς καὶ ταῖς στρωσε|σιν ταῖς ἱερήαις, προευχρήστηκεν δὲ καὶ διάφορον | πλεονάκις ἄτοκον ἀποδημοῦντος τοῦ ταμίου, ἐπαγ|γέλλεται δὲ καὶ εἰς τὸν λοιπὸν χρόνον συνφροντι|εῖν εἰς ὃ ἂν αὐτὸν παρακαλῶσιν οἱ ὀργεῶνες· ἵνα οὖν || ἐφάμιλλον ᾖ τοῖς ἀεὶ φιλοτιμουμένοις, εἰδότες ὅ|τι χάριτας ἀξίας κομιοῦνται ὧν ἂν εὐεργετήσω|σιν, ἀγαθεῖ τύχει, δεδόχθαι τοῖς ὀργεῶσιν, ἐπαι|νέσαι Χαιρέαν Διονυσίου Ἀθμονέα καὶ στεφανῶ|σαι αὐτὸν θαλλοῦ στεφάνωι ἀρετῆς ἕνεκεν καὶ || εὐσεβήας εἴς τε τὰς θεὰς καὶ τοὺς ὀργεῶνας καὶ | ἀναγορεύειν τὸν στέφανον τῇ θυσίαι τοῦ Μουνιχι|ῶνος ὅταν καὶ τὰς ἱερείας, δοῦναι δὲ αὐτῶι καὶ ἰκό|νος ἀνάθεσιν ἐν τῶι ναῶι. ἀναγράψαι δὲ τόδε τὸ ψήφι|σμα εἰς στήλην λιθίνην καὶ στῆσαι ἐν τεῖ αὐλεῖ || τοῦ ἱεροῦ. | (in a crown) οἱ ὀργεῶνες | Χαιρέαν | Διονυσίου | Ἀθμονέα.

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