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Honors by the Instructors in the Mouseion for Apelliane (110-120 CE) Ephesos - Ionia

Ephesos (Ionia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), 110-120 CE
IEph 3068 = PHI 249218 = AGRW ID# 8436


Slab of blue marble found in the market (agora) east of the western hall (114.5 x 46 x 19 cm; letter height: 2.0-2.6 cm). These instructors, like the sanhedrin of physicians at Ephesos, met in or near the Mouseion (i.e. the building dedicated to the Muses).

According to the resolutions of the emperor–loving Council, the instructors (paideutai) gathered around the Mouseion honoured Pontia Apelliane, the superintendent of the torch–races of the goddess (i.e. Artemis), having acted as superintendent of the torch–races when Hermippos (10) and Elpidephoros were leaders (archontes).  This was set up when Ampheion and Julius were civic leaders (?).

Translation by: Harland

κατὰ τὰ δόξανǀτα τῇ φιλοσε[βά]ǀστῳ βο[υλῇ] ǀ Πον[τίαν] ǀǀ Ἀπελ[λι]ανὴν ǀ ἐτ[είμ]ησαν ǀ τὴν ǀ [λ]αμπαδάρχισσαν ǀ τῆς θεοῦ ǀǀ οἱ περὶ τὸ Μουσε[ῖον] ǀ παιδευταὶ ǀ λαμπαδαρχήǀσασαν ἐπὶ ἀρχόνǀτων Ἑρμίππου ǀǀ καὶ Ἐλπιδηφόρο[υ,] ǀ ἀνασταθεῖσαν ǀ ἐπὶ Ἀμφείονο[ς] ǀ καὶ Ἰουλίου.

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