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Honors by the Friends for Onesikleas the Poet (undated) Anazarbos area [Hierapolis Kastabala] - Cilicia

Anazarbos area [Hierapolis Kastabala] (Cilicia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), undated
E. L. Hicks, "Inscriptions from Eastern Cilicia," JHS 11 (1890) 236–254, at 249 (no. 23) = PHI 285705 = AGRW ID# 13389
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1759


Stone dug up in a church. The friends may be an ongoing association, particularly in light of the reference to their leader or patron. Hieropolis on the Pyramos river (also known as HIeropolis Kastabala) was located about 25 km east of Anazarbos.

Onesikleas son of Diodoros, composer of poetry in verse and in iambics of the new comedy, a writer of praising speeches (panegyrics), and virtuous legal advisor (nomikos).  The friends (philoi) set this up for their patron (prostatēs; or: leader) for the sake of honor.

Translation by: Harland

Ὀνησικλέα Διοδώρου | ἐπῶν καὶ κωμωδίας τῆς νέας | ἰαμβῶν ποιητὴν καὶ λόγων | ἐγκωμιαστικῶν συνγραφέα, || νομικὸν ἐν τοῖς ἀρίστοις· | οἱ φίλοι τὸν προστάτην | τειμῆς ἕνεκα.

Facsimile by Hicks.
Public domain.

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