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[33] Honors by Craftsmen for Priests of Athena [1] (90/89 BCE) Amphipolis - Macedonia

Amphipolis (Macedonia, Greece and Macedonia — Pleiades map), 90/89 BCE
AGRW 33 = SEG 48 (1998), no. 716ter = PHI 312526 = AGRW ID# 924
Copenhagen Inventory info: 820


Slab with a triangular top (pediment), now in the Museum of Kavala. Another similar inscription is to be found on this site: see SEG 61 (2011), no. 485.

Year 59 (of the Macedonian era). The association (koinon) of craftsmen (technitai; or: performers) crowned the priests of Athena, Philoxenos son of Perigenes, Euphrosynos son of Nikanor, Marcus Ampius Alexandros, Mainius . . . Name. The fellow priests (syniereis) crown Euphrosynos son of Nikanor and Philoxenos son of Perigenes.

Translation by: Ascough

ἔτους θʹ καὶ νʹ· τὸ κοινὸν | τῶν τεχνιτῶν ἐστεφάνωσε τοὺς | ἱερεῖς τῆς Ἀθηνᾶς Φιλόξενον Περιγέ|νου, Εὐφρόσυνον Νικάνορος, Μᾶρκον || Ἄμπιον Ἀλέξανδρον, Μαίνιον [— —] | [— —]· οἱ συνιερεῖς στεφανοῦσιν | Εὐφρόσυνον Νικάνορος, Φιλόξενον Περιγένου.

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