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Honors by the Brotherhood of Onionaians (?) for Lucius Herennius Aristos (ca. 50 BCE) Neapolis - Campania

Neapolis (Campania, Italy — Pleiades map), ca. 50 BCE
INeapolis 30 = IG XIV 741 = CIG 5797 = PHI 177642 = AGRW ID# 22229


Stones now lost.

The brotherhood (phrētria = phratria) of the Onionaians (?) honored Lucius Herennius Aristos son of Python because of his virtue and benefaction.  He has been governor of the People, holder of a priestly office, secretary, and five-year (quinquennial) magistrate.  This was dedicated to the gods.

Translation by: Harland

ἡ φρητ<ρ>ία ἡ ΟΝΙΟΝΑΕΩΝ Λεύκιον | Ἑρέννιον Πύθωνος <υ>ἱὸν Ἄριστον | ἀρετῆς ἕνεκεν καὶ εὐεργεσίας, | δημαρχήσαντα, λαυκελαρχήσαν||τα, γραμματίσαντα {Herrmann in SEG; γραμματ<εύ>σαντα; Miranda}, ἄρξαντα τὸν | πενταετηρικόν ∙ θεοῖς.

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