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Honors by a Society of the Goddess Bendis for Leaders [4] (245/244 BCE) Salamis island - Attica

Salamis island (Attica, Greece and Macedonia — Pleiades map), 245/244 BCE (archonship of Kydenor) and 243/242 (archonship of Eurykleides)
GRA I 21 = Michael J. Osborne, “Five Hellenistic Decrees of the Salaminian Thiasotai of Bendis,” ΗΟΡΟΣ 17–21 (2009-2004) 657–672, at 662-663 (no. 5) = SEG 2 (1932), no. 9 + SEG 59 (2009), no. 155 = PHI 290050 = AGRW ID# 3769
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A marble stele with a moulding at the top, discovered in the harbour area of Salamis (44 x 37-38.5 x 8.0-10.0 cm). The stone is broken along the bottom on a diagonal, with the left side longer than the right (see bibliography and discussion in GRA I 21).

In the year that Kydenor was leader (archōn), third of Anthesterion in the regular assembly, Batrachos made the following motion: Whereas those members who have been appointed annually to roles of supervision have carried them out honorably and with zeal, both in respect to the sacrifices – as it is customary for them – and in respect to all the other matters which the law enjoins, and have rendered their accounts in order, it was resolved by the association to commend and to crown them and to inscribe their roles, year by year, beginning from the leadership (archonship) of Polyeuktos up to that of Theophemos; and that the association should choose three men who, after receiving the money that has been set aside for this purpose, shall set up a monument (stele) in the temple and shall inscribe it with this decree and with the names of each of those who have been thus crowned; and those chosen to do this shall render an account of the money that was set aside for the votive plaque. The following were chosen: Batrachos, Dokimos and Krates.

Supervisors when Polyeuktos was leader (archon): (olive branch) Eutychides, Thallos. Secretary: Batrachos. Treasurer: Ktesippos (olive branch)

Supervisors when Hieron was leader (archon): Diotimos, Demetrios, Pyrrhos. Secretary: Archepolis. Treasurer: Batrachos (olive branch)

Supervisors when Diomedon was archon: Zenon, Amphipolis, Thallos, Ag. . . Secretary: . . . Treasurer: . . . (olive branch)

Supervisors when Theophemos was leader (archon)
Secretary: . . .
Treasurer: . . .

Supervisors when Kydenor was leader (archon): (olive branch) Tibeios, Artemon, Thallos. Secretary: Archepolis. Treasurer: Krates.

Supervisors when Eurykleides was leader (archon): Secretary: Batrachos. Treasurer: Krates.

Translation by: Kloppenborg

ἐπὶ Κυδήνορος ἄρχοντος, Ἀνθεστηριῶνος τρίτει ἱσταμένου, | κυρίαι ἀγορᾶι, Βάτραχος εἶπεν· ἐπειδὴ τῶν θιασωτῶν κατ’ ἐνιαυτὸν | οἱ καθιστάμενοι εἰς τὰς ἐπιμελείας καλῶς καὶ φιλοτίμως ἐπιμε|μέληνται τῶν τε θυσιῶν, ὡς αὐτοῖς πάτριόν ἐστιν, καὶ τῶν ἄλλων || ὅσων αὐτοῖς ὁ νόμος προστάττει καὶ τοὺς λόγους ἀποδεδώκα|σι, δεδόχθαι τῶι κοινῶι ἐπαινέσαι αὐτοὺς καὶ στεφανῶσαι καὶ ἀ|ναγράψαι κατ’ ἐνιαυτὸν ἑκάστην τὴν ἐπιμέλειαν ἀπὸ Πολυεύκτου | ἄρχοντος μέχρι Θεοφήμου· ἑλέσθαι δὲ τρεῖς ἄνδρας, οἵτινες λα|βόντες τὸ ἐξαιρεθὲν ἀργύριον ἀναθήσουσι εἰς τὸ ἱερὸν στήλη[ν] || καὶ ἀναγράψουσι τό τε ψήφισμα καὶ τοὺς ἐστεφανωμέν[ους] | κατ’ ὄνομα ἕκαστον· οἱ δὲ αἱρεθέντες λόγον ἀποδότωσαν το[ῦ] | ἐξαιρεθέντος ἀργυρίου εἰς τὸ ἀνάθημα. οἵδε εἱρέθησαν· | Βάτραχος, Δόκιμος, Κράτης. |

(column 1, line 14) ἐπὶ Πολυεύκτου ἄρχοντος ἐπιμεληταί·(olive branch) || Εὐτυχίδης, Θάλλος. | γραμματεύς· Βάτραχος. | ταμίας· Κτήσιππος. (olive branch) | ἐπὶ Ἱέρωνος ἐπιμεληταί· | Διότιμος, Δημήτριος, Πύρρος. || γραμματεύς· Ἀρχέπολις. | ταμίας· Βάτραχος. (olive branch) | ἐπὶ Διομέδοντος ἐ̣[πιμεληταί]· | Ξένων, Ἀμφίπ[ολις?], | Θάλλος, Α — — — || γραμμα[τεύς· — — —]

(column 2, line 14) ἐπὶ Κυδήνορος ἐπιμεληταί· (olive branch) || Τίβειος, Ἀρτέμων, Θάλλος. | γραμματεύς· Ἀρχέπολις. | ταμίας· Κράτης. | ἐπ’ Εὐρυκλείδου· | γραμματεύς· Β[άτραχος]. || ταμίας· Κρ[άτης]. | vac.

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