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Honors by Sacred Object Bearers for Mousa the Priestess (undated) Paros - Southwestern islands

Paros (Southwestern islands, Aegean Islands — Pleiades map), undated
IG XII,5 291 = RICIS 202/1007 = PHI 77513 = AGRW ID# 23873


Oblong base of white marble reused in the pavement of a barn. The second part, which is very damaged, is a metrical inscription. Now in the archeological museum at Paros. "Sacred object bearers" specifically are most often found in connection with the goddess Isis.

(in a crown:)  The sacred object bearers (hieraphoroi) honored Mousa the priestess for piety towards the deities.  (Remaining metrical portion too fragmentary to translate).

Translation by: Harland

{in a crown:} οἱ ἱεραφόροι | Μοῦσαν τὴν | ἱέριαν ἐπὶ τῆι | πρὸς τοὺς θεοὺς || εὐσεβείαι. | [ἤδη γειν]ομένην σε θεὰ ⏕–⏑⏑–⏓ | [–⏕ χρ]υσεί[η] δεξαμένη ⏑⏑– | [— —] σωφροσύνης ⏑⏑–⏓ | ἔργ[α δικαι]οσύνης ἁγνὸν ἔχ[ο]υσα τρόπον || η[— —]ασα μέγιστα σ[— —] | [— — —] | [— — —] | [— —] καθαρ[ῆ]ς α[— —].

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