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Honors by Panathenaist Soldiers and Family Members (ca. 100 BCE) Rhodos on Rhodes - Southeastern islands

Rhodos on Rhodes (Southeastern islands, Aegean Islands — Pleiades map), ca. 100 BCE
IG XII,1 107 = PHI 138644 = AGRW ID# 12525
Copenhagen Inventory info: 2101


Cylindrical (statue?) base of blue marble (57 x 43 cm).

. . . Name son of Hermodokos (?) . . . son of Philephebos, has been crowned by the association (koinon) of Panathenaists (Panathēnaistai; i.e. celebrators of the Panathenain festival) who are fellow-soldiers (synstrateuomenoi).  Hermodokos, son of Hermodokos and adopted son of Euarchidas, and . . . Name daughter of Charinos honored their son . . .  Name and Charinos son of Hermodokos honored their brother. . . . Charinos son of Menekrates honored his daughter’s son (i.e. grandson).  . . . Name, son of Seleukos and adopted son of Euanor, honored the son of his wife’s daughter (i.e. grandson) . . . . Euanor son of Charinos (?) honored the son of his daughter’s daughter (i.e. great-grandson).  Gorgon, Kallikritras, and Aristagoras son of Hermodokos honored the son of their brother (i.e. nephew).  Charinos son of Menekrates, Aineas son of Charmeios, Agesandros son of Paionios, Menekrates son of Spousilas, Ageios, Satyra, and Parmenion (?) son of Menekrates honored the son of their female cousin.  Charmeios and Hermodokos sons of Aineas set this up for the deity (?).  Stratarchos son of Entimos and Hermodokos son of Hermokron dedicated this to the gods for their cousin.  Charinos the Laodikeian, who was granted the right to residency, made this.

Translation by: Harland

[τὸν δεῖνα Ἑρμοδόκου] | {line 1} [—]Ν̣Ι̣Α[—]να Φιλεφήβου | [σ]τ̣εφανωθέντα ὑπὸ Παναθηναϊστᾶν | [συνστρ]α[τ]ευομένων [κ]οινοῦ· | [Ἑρ]μόδοκο[ς] Ἑρμοδόκου, καθ’ ὑοθεσίαν δὲ || [Εὐ]αρχίδα καὶ | [—]δα[․․]Ι̣[․․]α Χαρίνου τὸν υἱόν· | [ὁ δεῖνα] καὶ Χαρῖνος Ἑρμοδόκου τὸν ἀδελφόν· | [Χαρῖνος] Μενεκράτευς τὸν τᾶς θυγατρὸς υἱόν· | [—]Ι̣Α[— — Σε]λεύκου, καθ’ ὑοθεσίαν δὲ Εὐάνορος || τὸν τᾶς γυναικὸς θυγατρὸς υἱόν· | [—]αν[— — —]νου {[Εὐ]άν[ωρ Χαρί]νου?} τὸν τᾶς θυγατρὸς θυγατρὸς υἱόν· | Γ̣ό[ργ]ων καὶ Καλλικρίτας καὶ Ἀρισταγόρας | [Ἑ]ρμοδόκου τὸν τοῦ ἀδελφοῦ υἱόν· | [Χ]αρῖνος Μενεκράτευς καὶ Αἰνέας Χαρμείου || [καὶ] Ἁγήσανδρος Παιωνίου καὶ Μενεκράτης | [Σ]πουσίλα καὶ Ἀγεῖος καὶ Σατύρα καὶ | [Παρ]μ̣ενί[ω]ν Μενεκράτευς τὸν τᾶς ἀνεψιᾶς υἱόν· | [Χά]ρμειος καὶ Ἑρμόδοκος Αἰνέα τὸν θε̣[ῖο]ν(?)· | [Στ]ράταρχος Ἐντίμου καὶ || [Ἑρ]μόδοκος Ἑρμοκρῶντος τὸν ἀνεψιὸν | θεοῖς. | Χαρῖνος Λαοδικεὺς ὧι ἁ ἐπιδαμία | δέδοται ἐποίησε.

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