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Honors by Lenders (?) for a Market Overseer (I BCE-I CE) Kos - Southeastern islands

Kos (Southeastern islands, Aegean Islands — Pleiades map), I BCE-I CE
IKosS EV 230 = PHI 186049 = AGRW ID# 11639


Fragment of a slab of marble (37 x 50 x 15 cm). Although the meaning of chromenoi​ here is not clear and "lenders" is one possibility, it does seem likely that this is a group of people engaged in a common occupation or service in the trading-station.

The lenders (?) (or: consultants [?];  chrōmenoi) in the trading-station (emporion) honored Aristokles son of Charmippos, the market-overseer, for the sake of virtue and goodwill.

Translation by: Harland

τοὶ χρώμε̣ν̣οι̣ τ̣ῶι ἐμπ̣[ορίωι] | [Ἀρ]ι̣σ̣τοκλῆν Χαρμίππ̣[ου] | [ἀγορα]ν̣ομήσαντα | [ἀρετᾶς ἕν]εκα κ̣α̣[ὶ εὐνοίας].

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