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Honors by Leather-workers for Septimius Hairan (257/258 CE) Palmyra - Syria and Phoenicia

Palmyra (Syria and Phoenicia, Greater Syria and the East — Pleiades map), 257/258 CE
IPalmyra 59 = Kaizer 2002b, 150 = PHI 305956 = AGRW ID# 10311
Copenhagen Inventory info: 625


Console of a column found in the southern portion of the colonnade near the theatre (47 x 51 cm). For honors by other associations for Hairane's father, see IPalmyra 55-56 on this site.

This is the statue of Septimius (?) . . . Hairan, the most illustrious son of Odainath, the most illustrious consul.  The symposium (symposion) of leather-workers (skyteis) and makers of leather rafts (askonautopoioi) honored their patron in the 569th year.

Translation by: Harland

[Σεπτίμιον] Αἱράνην τὸν | λαμπρότατον υἱὸν Ὀδαι|νάθου τοῦ λαμπρο|τάτου ὑπατικοῦ, τὸ || συμπόσιον σκυτ<έ>|ων καὶ ἀσκοναυτο|ποιῶν τὸν πάτρωνα, | ἔτους θξφʹ.

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