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Honors by Initiates of Dionysos Kallon for Italicus and Lollia Catulla (50-100 CE) Byzantion - Thrace

Byzantion (Thrace, Danube and Black Sea areas — Pleiades map), 50-100 CE
IByzantion 34 = SEG 18 (1962), no. 284 = PHI 170875 = AGRW ID# 13960
Copenhagen Inventory info: 315


Slab of white marble found in Rhegion, now in the Istanbul archeological museum (inv. no. 4798; 57 x 52 x 8 cm). The relief depicts two crowns of the high-priest and the high-priestess.

When the goddess Nemesis was official of the sacred (i.e. eponymous official of Byzantion), Tiberius Claudius Dionysios was sacrificing official, the initiates (mystai) of Dionysos Kallon honored their own benefactors, Gaius Julius Italicus and Lollia Catulla, who were in the high-priesthoods.

Translation by: Harland

ἐπὶ ἱερομνάμονος θεᾶς | Νεμέσεως, ἱεροποιοῦν|τος Τι(βερίου) Κλ(αυδίου) Διονυσίου | τοὺς εὐεργέτας ἑαυτῶν || καὶ ἀρχιερεῖς Γάϊον Ἰούλι|ον Ἰταλικὸν καὶ Λολίαν {Λολλίαν} | Κάτυλλαν οἱ μύσται Διο|[νύσου Κά]λλωνος ἐτείμη|[σαν].

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