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[129] Honors by Dyers for a Priestess of the Augusti (ca. 50 CE) Thyatira - Lydia

Thyatira (Lydia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), ca. 50 CE
AGRW 129 = TAM V 972 = IThyatiraB = IGR IV 1242 = PHI 264402 = AGRW ID# 210
Copenhagen Inventory info: 377


Statue base of marble (128 x 72 x 62 cm; letter height: 2.1 cm).

Using their own resources, the dyers honoured and set up a statue of Claudia Ammion—daughter of Metrodoros Lepidas and wife of Tiberius Claudius Antyllos, who was gymnasiarch three times—priestess of the Augusti (Sebastoi) and high–priestess of the city for life, having served as director of contests (10) in a magnificent and extravagant manner with sincerity and modesty, excelling others.

Translation by: Harland

οἱ βαφεῖς ἐτείμησαν κα̣[ὶ] | ἀνέθηκαν ἐκ τῶν ἰδίω̣ν | Κλαυδίαν Ἄμμιον Μητρο–|δώρου Λεπιδᾶ θυγατέρα, || γυναῖκα δὲ Τιβερίου Κλαυδίου | Ἀντύλλου τοῦ τρὶς γυμνα–|σιάρχου, τ[ὴ]ν ἱέρειαν τῶν | Σεβαστῶν καὶ ἀρχιέρειαν | τῆς πόλεως [δ]ιὰ βίου, ἀγωνο–||θετήσασαν λαμπρῶς καὶ | πολυδαπάνως ἁγνείᾳ καὶ | σωφροσύνῃ διαφέρουσαν.

TAM V 972: Facsimile by Buckler (IThyatiraB 3).
Public domain.

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