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Honors by Devotees of Adonis for Telestas (125-76 BCE) Rhodian Peraia [Loryma] - Caria

Rhodian Peraia [Loryma] (Caria, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), 125-76 BCE
IRhodPerBlümel 12 = IRhodPerBresson 202 = PHI 282867 = AGRW ID# 15204
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1124


Block of grey stone (35 x 63 x 28 cm).

The association (koinon) of contributors (eranistai) of Adonis-devotees (Adoniazontes) honored Telestas son of Teleson from the Kasarian district, a benefactor, with a complete exemption.  He is to be free from the contribution fee and he is to be crowned with an olive crown and to be proclaimed at each festival for the god Adonis.

Translation by: Harland

[τ]ὸ κοινὸν τῶν ἐρανιστᾶν τῶν | Ἀδωνιαζόντων ἐτίμασε | Τελέσταν Τελέσωνος Κασαρῆ | εὐεργέταν ἀτελείαι πάσαι· εἴ|μειν δὲ αὐτὸν καὶ ἀσύμβολον καὶ || στεφανοῦσθαι θαλλοῦ στεφάνωι | καθ’ ἕκαστα Ἀδώνια καὶ ἀνακαρύσσεσθαι.

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