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Honors by Contributors for Officers (ca. 250 BCE) Piraeus (?) - Attica

Piraeus (?) (Attica, Greece and Macedonia — Pleiades map), ca. 250 BCE
GRA I 19 = IG II² 1291 = PHI 3505 = AGRW ID# 3757
Copenhagen Inventory info: 304


The provenance of the inscription is uncertain (23.5 x 15 x 10 cm; letter height: 0.5 cm; non-stoichedon: 25-28 letters).

. . . whereas he has acted with respect to the association in an honorable and… and managed accurately and fairly the common fund which the contributors (eranistai) had entrusted to him in accordance with the common regulations of the contributors and the fund (eranos) and . . . being a generous and honest man, acting in accordance with the oath that he swore to the contributors.  For good fortune, be it resolved by the contributors to commend Aischylion son of Theon, resident foreigner taxed at the citizen rate (?; isotelēs), the treasurer and to crown him with an olive wreath on account of the zeal and goodwill that he has shown to the association of contributors.  Further, it was resolved to commend Dionysios the secretary and to crown him with an olive wreath on account of the zeal and the goodwill that he continues to have for the association of contributors.  Further it was resolved to commend the supervisors and the sacrifice makers (hieropoioi) of Saviour Zeus and Herakles and the Saviors, and to crown each with an olive wreath on account of the excellence and zeal they have shown towards the association of contributors. . .

Translation by: Kloppenborg

[․․․․ κ]αλῶς [— — —] | [․ τῶι] κοινῶ[ι — — — ὀ]|[ρθῶ]ς καὶ δικαί[ως διεχείρισε τὸ ἀ]|[ρ]γύριον τ[ὸ] κοινὸ[ν ὃ παρακατέθεν?]||το αὐτῶι οἱ ἐρανιστ[αὶ κατὰ τοὺς νό]|μους τοὺς κοινοὺς τ[ῶν ἐρανιστῶ]|ν καὶ τὸν ἔρανον καὶ τ[ — — — ] |είων ἀνὴρ ἀγαθὸς ὢν καὶ [ — — — ]|ς κατὰ τὸν ὅρκον ὃν ὤμοσεν [τοῖς ἐ]||ρανισταῖς· ἀγαθεῖ τύχει δεδ[όχθαι] | τοῖς ἐρανισταῖς, ἐπαινέσαι Α̣[ἰσχυ]|λίωνα Θέωνος ἰσοτελῆ τὸν ταμία|ν καὶ στεφανῶσαι αὐτὸν θαλλοῦ σ|τεφάνωι φ[ι]λοτιμίας ἕνεκα καὶ ε||[ὐ]νοίας τῆς εἰς τὸ κοινὸν τῶν ἐρα|νιστῶν· ἐπα<ι>νέσαι δὲ καὶ Διονύσιο<ν> | τὸν γραμματέα καὶ στεφανῶσαι | αὐτὸν θαλλοῦ στεφάνωι φιλοτι[μ]|ίας ἕνεκα κα[ὶ] ε<ὐ>νοίας ἧς ἔχων δι||ατελεῖ εἰς τὸ κοινὸν τῶν ἐρανιστῶν· | ἐπ[αι]νέσαι δὲ καὶ τοὺς ἐπιμελητ|ὰς καὶ τοὺς ἱεροποιοὺς τῶι Διὶ τῶι | Σωτῆρι καὶ τῶι Ἡρακλεῖ καὶ τοῖς Σω|τῆρσιν καὶ στεφανῶσαι ἕκαστον || αὐτῶν θα[λλ]οῦ [στ]εφάνωι ἀρετῆ|ς ἕνεκα καὶ φι[λοτι]μ[ία]ς τῆς ε[ἰς τὸ] | [κ]οινὸ[ν τῶν ἐρανι]στῶν· ἐπι [ — — — ]

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