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Honors by Civic Institutions for a Hierophant of Dionysos Kathegemon (ca. 250 CE) Philadelphia - Lydia

Philadelphia (Lydia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), ca. 250 CE
TAM V 1497 = No author, "Funde," MDAI(A) 20 (1895) 243-244 = AGRW ID# 11923


Base of blue marble (140 x 55 cm; letter height: 3 cm). It is not clear whether the revealer of sacred objects here was a functionary in mysteries at the civic level or within an association. Another inscription from Philadelphia likewise involves a revealer of sacred objects, but in that case there is also mention of a "chief-cowherd of the company" (see ID# 11930). If the reference to the city as "overseer of a temple" or "temple-warden" refers to the official grant by Caracalla of an imperial cult temple-wardenship, then this inscription dates some time after 214 CE.

To good fortune!  The greatest Council and the most brilliant People (dēmos) who oversee a temple (neõkoros) decided to honor Aurelius Artemon son of Artemon and grandson of Iucundus, the revealer of sacred objects (hierophantēs) of Dionysos Kathegemon (“Dionysos the Leader”) and secretary of the great, sacred contests in honor of Zeus and Helios of the Philadelphians.  Aurelius Eutyches honoured his own patron from his own resources.

Translation by: Harland

[ἀγαθῇ] τύχῃ. ǀ ψηφισαμένης ǀ τῆς κρατίστης ǀ βουλῆς καὶ τοῦ ǀǀ λαμπροτάτου καὶ νεωκόρου δήǀμου Αὐρ. Ἀρτέμωǀνα βʹ τοῦ Ἰουκούνǀδου ἱεροφάντην τοῦ Καθηγεμόǀνος Διονύσου ǀ καὶ γραμματέα τῶν ǀ μεγάλων ἱερῶν ǀ ἀγώνων Δείων ǀ Ἁλείων Φιλαδελǀφείων Αὐρ. Εὐτύχης ǀ τὸν ἴδιον πάτρωνα παρ᾿ ἑαυτοῦ.

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