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Honors by Attendants of Demeter for Hemerios (II-III CE) Tarsos - Cilicia

Tarsos (Cilicia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), late II-III CE
Louis Robert, "Inscription honorifique de Tarse," Hellenica 7 (1949) 197–205 = W.M. Ramsay, “Inscriptions inédites de l’Asie Mineure,” BCH 7 (1883) 297–328, at 325-327 (no. 54) = IGR III 883 = SEG 26 (1976), no. 1457 = PHI 286862 = AGRW ID# 13491
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1013


Statue base of marble. The term synergion is often a synonym for synergasia, usually translated as "guild" or "occupational association". However, here it is not clear that the group is an occupational guild. The term may refer to the servants of the deity working together in their role, hence the translation "association" (rather than "guild") here.

Good luck Hemerios!  He is consul (hypatos) of the Romans, most eminent in Cilicia, and supreme among the citizens on account of his son, for the emperor gave to him the privilege that his sons might participate in the glorious honor of being in the council of the Senate.  He has been crowned three times in a row with the most prestigious crowns—namely, (10) director of public works, “papa” (papein; likely an indigenous priestly title), Cilicarch, and director of the gymnasium.  He is a most upright legal representative (syndikos) and “crown” of the Council, with a noble bloodline.  The servants (therapontes) of Demeter dedicated this statue for a famous man during the secretaryships of Neon, secretary for the second time; Lucius, secretary for the second time; Alexandros, secretary for the second time; and, Myragenes, secretary for the second time.  The same secretaries set up the structure (station) from their own resources for the sacred association (synergion).

Translation by: Harland

εὐτύχι Ἡμέρι. ǀ Ῥωμαίων ὕπατον, μέγ’ ἔξοǀχον ἐν Κιλίκεσσιν, εἵνεκα ǀ καὶ παιδὸς πανυπέρτατον ἐν ǀǀ πολιήταις, τούτῳ γὰρ βασιλῆς ǀ δώκαν γέρας ὄφρα οἱ υἱὸς συνκλήǀτου βουλῆς μετέχοι πολυκυδέα ǀ τειμὴν, τρεῖς στεφάνους ἑξῆς ǀ [ἀ]ναδησάμενον παναρίστους ǀǀ δημιουργὸν παπειν Κιλικάρχην ǀ γυμνασίαρχον σύνδικον ἁγνόταǀτον, βουλῆς στέφος, εὐγενὲς αἷμα ǀ Δήμητρος θεράποντες ἀγακλέα τόνδ’ ἀνέǀθηκαν· ἐπὶ γραμματέων τῶν περὶ Νέωǀǀνα τὸ βʹ καὶ Λούκιον τὸ βʹ καὶ Ἀλέξανδρον ǀ τὸ βʹ καὶ Μυραγένην τὸ βʹ· οἱ αὐτοὶ γραμμαǀτεῖς τὴν στατίωνα ἐκ τῶν ἰδίων τῷ ἱερῷ συνεργίῳ.

Facsimile by Ramsay.
Public domain.

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