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Honors by Asklepiasts for Alkibiades from Thorikos (ca. 250 BCE) Athens - Attica

Athens (Attica, Greece and Macedonia — Pleiades map), ca. 250 BCE
IG II² 1293 + SEG 18 (1962), no. 33 (further reconstructions) = PHI 291038 = AGRW ID# 23205
Copenhagen Inventory info: 323


Slab. Alkibiades, the honoree, is an Athenian citizen (from Thorikos deme) and the members of the association may be as well.

(missing lines) . . . to the Council and the People (?) . . to increase the temple (hieron) . . .(two largely illegible lines) . . . to Asklepios and to Hygieia. . . (two or three missing words). . . who continues to display love of honor, so that the current circumstances of the Asklepios-devotees (Asklepiastai) may continue without stopping for all time and may increase more.  Therefore, in a manner rivaling those who want to be benefactors of the association (koinon) of the Asklepios-devotees, those who have known that worthy favours will be received by those who supply . . . what is needed  (?)–to good fortune, it was resolved by the Asklepios-devotees to praise Alkibiades son of Herakleitos from Thorikos subdivision and to crown him with an olive crown because of the piety which he has towards the god and . . . the love of honor he displays towards the association (?) . . .  The decree and the names (?) . . . of the Asklepios-devotees are to be inscribed . . . on stone monument and set up (?) . . . in the temple (hieron).   . . . The treasurer is to provide x drachmas from the common fund for inscribing and making (?) . . . the monument (stele).

Translation by: Harland

[․ . . ca.8․ ․ ․ ἀ]ν̣ήγ̣αγ̣[εν(?) . . ․ca.6․․ πρό]σ̣οδ[ον(?) . ․ca.5․ .] | [․ca.3․ πρὸς τ]ὴ̣ν β̣ουλ̣[ὴν καὶ τὸν δῆ]μ̣ον ἀνεῖ̣[πεν(?) ․ca.2․] | [․ca.3․ ἐ]παύ[ξ]ε̣ι̣ν(?) τὸ ἱε[ρ]ό̣ν [․․ca.7․․]ΗΔΕΚΑΧ̣[․ . . ca.5․ .] | [. ․ca.4․ .]ς αὐτῶν̣ π̣[ρ]ῶτος [․․ca.7․․ τῶι] Ἀσκλη[πιῶι καὶ] || [τεῖ Ὑ]γ̣ιείαι κα[․ ․ ․ ․ca.12․ ․ ․ ․ φ]ιλοτιμο[ύμενος] | [διατ]ελεῖ ἵνα εἰς τ̣ὸ̣[ν ὅ]λ̣[ον χρόν]ον ἀδιάπ̣[αυστα] | [τὰ ὑ]πάρ[χ]οντα τοῖ̣[ς Ἀσκληπιαστ]αῖς διαμ[ένει καὶ] | [ἐ]πὶ πλέον [α]ὔξητ̣[αι]· ὅπω[ς οὖν ἐφ]άμιλλον ε[ἶ πᾶσιν] | τ̣οῖς βουλομένοις εὐε[ργετεῖν] τ̣ὸ κοινὸ[ν τῶν] || [Ἀ]σκληπιαστῶν εἰδόσι[ν ὅτι χά]ριτας ἀξί[ας κο]|[μιο]ῦνται παρ’ αὐτῶν ἧς [ἂν παρά]σχωνται [χρείας]· | [ἀγαθ]εῖ τύχει δεδόχθαι τ[οῖς Ἀσ]κ̣ληπιασ[ταῖς] | [ἐπαι]ν̣έσαι Ἀλκιβιάδην Ἡρα[κλεί]τ̣ου Θορ̣[ίκιον] | [καὶ στε]φανῶσα[ι] θ[αλ]λοῦ στε[φάνωι ε]ὐσ[εβείας] || [ἕνεκα τῆ]ς πρὸς τὸν [θ]εὸν κα̣[ὶ φιλοτιμίας τῆς εἰς] | [τὸ κοινόν· ἀ]ναγράψα[ι δὲ τόδε τὸ ψήφισμα καὶ τὰ] | [ὀνόματα τ]ῶν Ἀσκληπιασ[τῶν ἐν στήλει λιθίνει] | [καὶ στῆσαι] ἐν τῶι ἱερῶι· [εἰς δὲ τὴν ἀναγραφὴν] | [καὶ τὴν ποίη]σ̣ιν τῆς στή̣[λης μερίσαι τὸν ταμίαν] || [․․ δραχμὰς ἀπὸ τοῦ] κο[ινοῦ  vac.]

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