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[99] Honors by an Association of Companions for a High-priest (I CE) Prusa by Olympos - Bithynia

Prusa by Olympos (Bithynia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), I CE
AGRW 99 = IPrusaOlymp 24 = PHI 278515 = AGRW ID# 67
Copenhagen Inventory info: 140


Slab of marble with a partially preserved relief depicting a man with a flaming altar to the left (over which he is holding a libation bowl) and another large bowl to the right with a palm branch on either side (57 x 44 cm).

The companions (hetairoi) of the elder Ophelion and close friends (synētheis philoi) honored Sakerdotas son of Menandros the high-priest and head of the gymnasium, their own benefactor for life, who took care of setting up the statue freely on behalf of the association (koinon). Themistokles son of Lysikles, who is also called Phoibos, made this.

Translation by: Harland

οἱ τοῦ πρεσβυτέρου Ὠφελίω|νος ἑταῖροι καὶ συνήθεις φί|λοι ἐτείμησαν Σακέρδοτα | Μενάνδρου τὸν ἀρχιερέα || καὶ γυμνασίαρχον τὸν ἑαυ[τ]|ῶν διὰ βίου εὐεργέτην ὑποσ|χομένου τὸν τελαμῶνα δω|[ρ]εὰν ἀναστῆσαι ὑπὲρ τοῦ κοινοῦ Θεμιστο|κλῆς Λυσικλέους ὁ καὶ Φοῖβος.

IPrusaOlymp 24. © 1991 Thomas Corsten. Reproduced with permission.

IPrusaOlymp 24.

© 1991 Thomas Corsten. Reproduced with permission.

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