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Honors by a Tribe of Wool-workers for Aurelius Hermippos (after 212 CE) Philadelphia - Lydia

Philadelphia (Lydia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), after 212 CE
CIG 3422 = IGLAM 648 = IGR IV 1632 = Waltzing, no. 146 = AGRW ID# 12836


To good fortune!  Aurelius Hermippos, leader of the athletes (xystarchēs), priest of Artemis, glorious friend of the homeland who is foremost in every respect, has served as high–priest in a glorious manner at great expense.  With god–like beneficence, he has paid for a gladiatorial beast–hunt to the death in single pairs (i.e. a gladiator matched with a beast).  He has led in the (10) highest leadership position in a brilliant manner and has accomplished other leadership positions and services (leitourgiai) on his own behalf and on behalf of his sons Neiketes and Hermippos.  He has just recently dedicated 50000 denarii to the city’s funds for wheat and has given 10000 denarii towards the restoration of the awning of the theatre.  Furthermore, he has made contributions of funds to: (20) the most sweet homeland for wheat in the amount of 500000 denarii; the most powerful Council in the amount of 50000 denarii; the most revered association (synedrion) of elders (gerousia) in the amount of 10000 denarii; and, the seven tribes (phylai) for setting up statues in the amount of 1000 denarii.  The sacred tribe (phylē) of wool–workers (eriourgoi) honoured their own benefactor and the homeland’s (30) benefactor in everything.

Translation by: Harland

Ἀγαϑῇ τύχῃ, ǀ Αὐρ. Ἕρμιππον ξυστάρχην, ἱερέα ǀ τῆς Ἀρτέμιδος, τὸν ἔνδοξον καὶ ǀ ϕιλόπατριν καὶ ἐμ πᾶσιν πρῶτον, ǀǀ ἀρχιερασάμενον ἐνδόξως μεǀτὰ μεγάλων ἀναλωμάτων, καὶ ǀ δόντα κοντροκυνηγέσιον ǀ ἑνόζυγον ἀπότομον ἐκ ϑείας ǀ ϕιλοδωρίας, ἄρξαντα τὴν πρώτην ǀǀ ἀρχὴν ἐπιϕανῶς καὶ τὰς λοιπὰς ǀ ἀρχὰς καὶ λειτουργίας ὑπέρ τε αὐǀτοῦ καὶ τῶν παίδων Νεικήτου καὶ ǀ Ἑρμίππου ἐκτελέσαντα, ἀναǀϑέντα τῇ πόλει τάχειον μὲν εἰς ǀǀ σειτωνικὰ χρήματα δηναρίων ǀ μυριάδας πέντε καὶ δόντα εἰς ǀ ἐπισκευὴν τοῦ πετάσου τοῦ ϑεǀάτρου δηνάρια μύρια, ποιησάμεǀνον δὲ καὶ ἐπιδόσεις χρημάτων τῇ ǀǀ τε γλυκυτάτη πατρίδι εἰς χρήματα ǀ σειτωνικὰ δηναρίων μυριάδας πενǀτήκοντα καὶ τῇ κρατίστῃ βουλῇ δηǀναρίων μυριάδας πέντε καὶ τῷ σεǀμνοτάτῳ συνεδρίῳ τῆς γερουσίας ǀǀ δηνάρια μύρια, ϕυλαῖς ἑπτὰ ταῖς ἑσǀτακύαις τοὺς ἀνδριάντας πρὸς δηǀνάρια χείλια, ǀ ἡ ἱερὰ ϕυλὴ τῶν ἐριουργῶν τὸν ǀ ἑαυτῆς καὶ τῆς πατρίδος ἐν πᾶǀǀσιν εὐεργέτην.

IGLAM 648: Facsimile by Le Bas.
Public domain.

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