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Honors by a Society for Leaders Mentioning a Samaritan Member (III BCE) Piraeus - Attica

Piraeus (Attica, Greece and Macedonia — Pleiades map), IV-III BCE
IG II² 2943 + addenda (pt. 3.1 p. 348) = IJO I Ach41 = PHI 5200 = AGRW ID# 12116


Slab of Pentelic marble found at the Piraeus in 1879, now in the National Museum at Athens (inv. no. 8799; 94 x 40 x 8.5-9.0 cm). One member of this society is identified as a "Samaritan," but it is unclear whether this is an Israelite (who honors the Israelite God) or a non-Israelite from Samaria.

(central column): (illegible names ?)

(left column): (in a crown) Nikon son of Nikophon, (in a crown) Leptines son of Euperses,

(right column): (in a crown) Symmachos son of Dates, (in a crown) Ergasion the Samaritan.

(central column): (in a crown) . . . The society members (thiasitai)  (?) . . . crowned the supervisor (epimelētēs), Nikon son of Nikophon, and Hermogenes son of Hermaphilos, during his time as (?) secretary (grammateia), on account of moderation.

Translation by: Harland

{central column}

[— — —]ΕΝΟΙΣΑΣ̣[— — —] | [— — —]ν. |

{left column}

{in a crown:} Νίκων | Νικοφῶντος || {in a crown:} Λεπτίνης | Εὐπέρσ̣[ο]υ?

{right column} {in a crown:} Σύμμαχος | Δάτου | {in a crown:} Ἐ[ρ]γασίων | Σαμαρίτης

{central column}

{in a crown:} [οἱ θιασῶ]||τα̣[ι τὸ]ν ἐπ[ι]|μελητὴν ἐ|στεφάνωσαν Νί|κωνα Νικοφῶντ|ος, Ἑρμογένην || Ἑρμαφίλου γρα|μματέια σ|ω[φροσ]ύν|ης οὕνεκα.

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