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Honors by a Guild for Neikephoros (218-235 CE) Ephesos - Ionia

Ephesos (Ionia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), 218-235 CE
IEph 679 = PHI 249199 = AGRW ID# 8226
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1610


Base found in the eastern part of the market (agora). M. Fulvius Publicianus Neikephoros appears in several inscriptions from Ephesos. See IEph 444-445 and IEph 2076-2082 on this site.

Marcus Fulvius Publicianus Neikephoros, friend of the Augusti, Asiarch, and civic president (prytanis), secretary of the People, director of contests many times, . . . the homeland . . . (several lines missing, probably mentioning the guild granting honors) . . . when Aurelius Menodoros Artemidoros, father and grandfather of civic councillors, was secretary of the guild (synergasia) for the fifth time.

Translation by: Harland

[Μ(ᾶρκον) Φ]ούλβ(ιον) Πουπλικιανὸν̣ | [Νεικ]ηφόρον φιλοσέβ(αστον) | [ἀσιάρ]χην καὶ πρύτανιν, | [γρα]μματέα τοῦ δήμου, || [πολλά]κις ἀγωνοθέτην τῶ[ν] | [- - - φι]λ̣όπατρι[ν] | {several lines missing} | [γρα]μ̣[μ]ατεύοντος τῆς συνε̣[ργα]|[σίας Αὐρ]ηλίου Μηνοδώρου πεντάκι | Ἀρτεμιδώρου || [π]ατρός, πάππου βουλευτῶν.

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