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Honors (frag.) by a Musical Synod for Claudius Marcion (222 CE) Pompeiopolis / Sebaste - Pontus

Pompeiopolis / Sebaste (Pontus, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), 222 CE
SEG 61 (2011), no. 1085 = AGRW ID# 24860


Column with inscriptions on three sides. Only one (B) of the texts has been fully published. B below is a new reading of SEG 60 (2010), no. 1374 B.

To good fortune.  The sacred and great musical . . . Severan (?) . . . Alexandrian travelling synod (synodos) set this up from its own resources for Gnaeus Claudius Marcion, a leader of Paphlagonia and foremost leader . . . of the mother-city (?) . . . (remainder lost).

Translation by: Harland


[ἀγα]θ[ῇ τύχῃ]· | [ἡ ἱε]ρὰ μουσ[ικὴ Σευη]|[ρι]ανὴ Ἀλεξα[νδρι]|ανὴ περιπολιστ[ικὴ] || μ̣ε̣γάλη σύνοδο̣[ς v ] | [ἐ]κ τῶν ἑαυτῆς χρημ[ά]|των πʹ Γν(αίον) Κλ(αύδιον) Μάρκ[ι]|[ον] Παφλαγονιάρχην | [καὶ πρ]ῶ̣τ[ο]ν ἄρχ[οντα] || [τῆς μητροπόλεως κτλ.]

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