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Honors by a Merchant Shippers for Marcus Ulpius Yarhai (157 CE) Palmyra - Syria and Phoenicia

Palmyra (Syria and Phoenicia, Greater Syria and the East — Pleiades map), 157 CE
IPalmyra 250 = IOriente 412 = IEuphrat 709 = PHI 314830 = AGRW ID# 9231


Column console in the market (agora) of Palmyra (inv. A 964). The Scythia in question is in the Indus estuary area (not the Scythia north of the Black Sea). Another fragmentary inscription found outside the ancient city likewise involves honors by a caravan for Marcus Ulpius Yarhai (IPalmyra 313 = IOriente 159).

This is the statue of Marcus Ulpius Yarhai, son of Hairan, grandson of Abgar, friend of the homeland.  The merchants coming up from Scythia in the ship of Honainu, son of Haddudan, grandson of . . . who eagerly assisted and protected them, set this up in his honor in the month of Dystros in the 468th year.

(Palmyrene translation follows).

Translation by: Harland

Μᾶρκον Οὔλπ[ιο]ν Ἰαραιον Αἱρά[νου] | τοῦ Ἀβγαρου υ[ἱὸν] τὸν φιλόπατριν· | [ἔ]μποροι οἱ ἀν[αχ]θέντες ἀπὸ Σκυθ[ίας] | [ἐν] πλύω Ονα[ιν]ου Αδδουδανου τοῦ || [․․․․․ πάσῃ προ]θυμίᾳ βοηθήσαντα | αὐτοῖς καὶ συνλαβόμενον, τειμῆς | χάριν, Δύστρω τοῦ ηξυʹ ἔτους.

{Palmyrene translation}

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