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Honorary Decree by a Society for Bikon Involving Loans (ca. 200 BCE) Kallatis - Scythia and Moesia

Kallatis (Scythia and Moesia, Danube and Black Sea areas — Pleiades map), ca. 200 BCE
IKallatis 36 = SIG² 1108 = Jaccottet 2003, vol. 2, no. 55 = SEG 45 (1995), no. 902 = PHI 173604 = AGRW ID# 14453
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1186


Broken slab of white marble (41 x 36.5 x 7). This is one of several inscriptions pertaining to the use of association funds for loans.

The society-members (thiasitai) resolved: Since Bikon son of Diokouridas is glory-loving and honor-loving towards the society (thiasos), making contributions from his own resources. And since, having been entrusted with the common resources and lending at interest in an advantageous manner, he returned the money along with the accruing interest, even though, because of the circumstances, the societal money was lost and, according to the law, he was free from responsibility for the debt.  Therefore, in order that the society-members may demonstrate worthy honors, giving back to those who demonstrate love of honor, it was resolved by the society-members that. . . (remainder lost).

Translation by: Harland

ἔδοξε τοῖς θιασίταις· ἐπειδὴ Βίκων | Διοσκουρίδα φιλόδοξος ἐὼν καὶ | φιλότιμος εἰς τὸν θίασον ἔκ τε | τῶν ἰδίων εἰσφορὰς ποιησάμε||νος καὶ τὸ κοινὸν διάφορον πιστευ|[θ]εὶς καὶ ἐγδανείσας λυσιτελέως | [τῶι θι]άσωι ἀπέδωκε τὰ χρήματα | [μετὰ] τῶν γινομένων τόκων καίπερ | [δι]ὰ τοὺς καιροὺς ἀποβαλὼν τὰ θιασι||τικὰ χρήμ[α]τα καὶ τοῦ κατὰ τὸν νόμον | ὀφειλήματ[ο]ς ἀπολυθείς· ὅπως οὖν καὶ | οἱ θιασῖτ[αι φα]ίνωνται τὰς ἀξίας | τιμὰς ἀπ[οδιδόν]τες τοῖς εἰς ἑαυτοὺ[ς] | φιλοτιμο[υμένοις, δ]εδόχθαι τοῖς θι||[ασίταις — — —] | [— — —]

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