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Grave with Fines Payable to the Brothers – Christian (after 212 CE) Perinthos-Herakleia - Thrace

Perinthos-Herakleia (Thrace, Danube and Black Sea areas — Pleiades map), after 212 CE
IPerinthos 167 = IThraceD 72k = PHI 167378 = AGRW ID# 14180


Copied by Cyriacus of Ancona (in 1444; no description available).

I, Aurelius Philippianos ☧ (Christian) made this for myself, for my wife Aurelia Dekniane ☧ (Christian), and for my father Aurelius Neophytos ☧ (Christian).  Now if anyone dares to bury another body in it, that person will pay 500 denarii to the brothers (adelphoi).

Translation by: Harland

Αὐρ(ήλιος) Φιλιππιανὸς ☧ ἐποίησα ἐμαυǀτῷ καὶ τῇ γυναικί μου Αὐρ(ηλίᾳ) Δεκνιανῇ ǀ ☧ καὶ τῷ πατρί μου Αὐρ(ηλίῳ) Νεοφύτῳ ǀ ☧· εἰ δέ τις τολμήσει ἕτερον βαλεῖν, ǀǀ δώσει τοῖς ἀδελφοῖς 𐆖 {denarius symbol} φʹ.

IPerinthos 167: Facsimile by Dumont (IThraceD 72k).
Public domain.

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