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Grave of Ulpia Capitulla with Fines Payable to a Synagogue (ca. 250 CE) Nikomedia - Bithynia

Nikomedia (Bithynia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), ca. 250 CE
IJO II 154 = TAM IV 376 = Louis Robert, "Épitaphes juives d’Éphèse et de Nicomédie," Hellenica 11–12 (1960), 381-413, at 386-391 = PHI 279199 = AGRW ID# 13668


Altar of white marble that probably held a funerary urn, found reused in the wall of a house (50 x 28 cm; letter height: 2.8 cm).

I have set up the funerary urn (thēkē) and the altar for my sweetest mother, Ulpia Capitulla, and I want no one to remove it.  Otherwise that person will face judgement and will pay 1000 denarii to the synagogue (synagōgē) and 500 denarii to the treasury.  Farewell!

Translation by: Harland

τὴν θήκην ἔθηκα | καὶ τὸν βωμὸν | τῇ γλυκυτάτῃ τεκού|σῃ Οὐλπίᾳ Καπιτύλλῃ· || καὶ βούλομε ἕτερον | μηδέν<α> ἀνασκεβάσ[ε] {ἀνασκευάσαι}· | εἰ μή, ἕξει πρὸς τ[ὴν] | κρίσιν καὶ δώσε[ι] | τῇ συναγωγῇ (δην.) ͵α || καὶ τῷ ταμείῳ | (δην.) ͵φʹ. | χαίρετε.

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