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Funerary Honors by Youths and Societies for Two Women (II-I BCE) Teos - Ionia

Teos (Ionia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), II BCE or later
CIG 3101 = ITeosMcCabe 192 = Boulay 2013, 257 (no. 5) = PHI 256582 = AGRW ID# 12885


Slab found in the cemetery to the east of Teos.

(column 1) (in a crown) The youths (ephēboi) and young men (neoi).

(beneath) Farewell Mato, daughter of Bion and wife of Chareas!

(column 2) (in a crown) All the societies (thiasoi).

(beneath) Farewell Demarche, daughter of Deuchos and wife of Quintus!

Translation by: Harland

{column 1}

{in a crown:}

οἱ ἔφηβοι, | οἱ νέοι.


Ματὼ Βίωνος, | Χαιρέου δὲ γυνή, || vac. χαῖρε.

{column 2}

{in a crown:}

οἱ θ<ί>ασ{ι}οι | πάντες.


Δημάρχη Διεύ<χ>ου, | γυνὴ δὲ Κ<ο>ΐντου, || vac. χαῖρε.

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