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Grave of the “Family” of Gladiators of Zenon Hypsikles (I-II CE) Aphrodisias - Caria

Aphrodisias (Caria, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), I-II CE
IAph 11.507 = PPA 14 = PHI 264927 = AGRW ID# 6960


Block of white marble with three acroteria above a recessed panel (dimensions not available). The inscription appears within a plain raised border. Found on the north side of the city in 1976.

Family of single-combatants (monomachoi), convicts (katadikoi), and bull-catchers (taurokathoptoi) of Zenon Hypsikles son of Hysikles, the natural son of Zenon Hypsikles, high-priest.

Translation by: Harland

Φαμιλία Ζήνων[ος] | τοῦ Ὑψικλέους | τοῦ Ὑψικλέους | τοῦ φύσει Ζήνω||νος Ὑψικλέους | ἀρχιερέως μονο|μάχων καὶ κατα|δίκων καὶ ταυροκα[θαπτῶν (?) - - -]

IAph 11.507: Grave of the Family of Gladiators of Zenon Hypsikles.
© 2007 King’s College London.
(Reproduced under a Creative Commons license).

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