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Grave of the “Family” of Gladiators of Tiberius Claudius Pauleinos (I CE) Aphrodisias - Caria

Aphrodisias (Caria, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), I CE
IAph 4.104 = PPA 13 = PHI 264926 = AGRW ID# 6953


Slab (stele) of white marble, broken away above and below (30 x 41 x 18 cm). The inscription appears within a plain raised border.

The “family” (familia) of single-combatants (monomachoi) and convicts (katadikoi) belonging to Tiberius Claudius Pauleinos, high-priest, son of Tiberius Claudius . . .

Translation by: Harland

Φαμιλίας μονομά|χων καὶ καταδίκ|ων Τιβερίου Κλαυ|δίου Παυλείνου || ἀρχιερέως ὑοῦ Τι|[β]ερίου Κλαυδίου [- - -]

IAph 4.104: Grave of the Family of Gladiators of Tiberius Claudius Pauleinos.
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(Reproduced under a Creative Commons license).

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