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Grave of the Curator of an Association of Scribes (I CE) Rome - Latium

Rome (Latium, Italy — Pleiades map), I CE
CIL VI 1820 = ILS 1891 = AGRW ID# 24530


Funerary altar of marble found near the Porta Capena. Now in in Rome, Museo Nazionale Romano, Terme di Diocleziano, inv. 72456. The deceased was a scribe attached to the quaestor’s office. Scribes were apparitores (assistants) who were attached to certain magistracies and formed associations along these lines (tribunicii, quaestori). He was also the head of the curators (sexprimus curatorum). The altar is commissioned by his wife whose own funerary altar was found at the same place (CIL VI 38731).

To Marcus Natronius Rusticus, son of Gaius, from the tribe Pupinia, scribe of the quaestor, head of the curators, having fulfilled the honour. By the will of Petronia Sabina, his wife.

Translation by: Birgit van der Lans

M(arco) Natronio | C(ai) f(ilio) Pup(inia) | Rustico scr(ibae) q(uaestorio) | sex primo || cur(atorum) honor(e) | functo | arbitratu | Petroniae | Sabinae || uxoris suae.

Rome Funerary altar of the curator of a scribal association (photo: Van der Lans)

Funerary altar of the curator of a scribal association, from Rome (photo: Van der Lans)

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