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Grave of Papas Prepared by a Society (ca. 80-120 CE) Pantikapaion - Bosporan region

Pantikapaion (Bosporan region, Danube and Black Sea areas — Pleiades map), ca. 80-120 CE
IBosp 82 = IPontEux IV 209 = PHI 182799 = AGRW ID# 7575
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1285


Slab of limestone (140-141 x 52 x 20cm; letter height: 6 cm). Found at Kerch, now in Museum of History town of Kerch (inv. КЛ-1147). The name Monochordos is not attested elsewhere in the PHI database and is likely a local (Sarmatian [?]) name.

. . .  Theoteimos the goodness-loving official (philagathos), Demetrios the secretary (grammateus), and the rest of the society-members (thieseitai = thiasitai) set this up in memory of Papas son of Demetrios and grandson of Monochordos.

Translation by: Harland

[— — — πα]|[ραφ]ι̣λάγ[αθ]ον {Θ}ε|ότειμο[ν καὶ] γρα|μματέα Δημ||ήτριον καὶ τῶν | λοιπῶν θιεσ|ειτῶν Πάπα{ν} | Δημητρίου τοῦ | Μονοχόρδου || μνήμης χάριν. | {signum Sarmaticum}

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