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Grave of Ompsalakos Prepared by the Society with Numenius (I CE) Phanagoria - Bosporan region

Phanagoria (Bosporan region, Danube and Black Sea areas — Pleiades map), I CE
O.L. Gabelko, N.V. Zavojkina, and T.G. Shavyrina, Antichnyj mir i arkheologija 12 (2006) 334-344 = SEG 57 (2007), no. 740 = AGRW ID# 22889
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1301


Block of limestone with a relief of a rider facing right and the text below. Found in 2004 in the eastern necropolis, now in the Taman Museum. The poor spelling may suggest that the members were of lower socioeconomic status and could not afford a more highly educated inscriber (cf. SEG). Ompsalakos seems to be an indigenous name to the area north of the Black Sea.

The society (thiasos) gathered around the priest Numenius set this up for Ompsalakos as a memorial.

Translation by: Harland

ἡ θίασος περὶ ἡρείαν {ἱερέα} Νο|μήνιον ἐνάστησαν {ἀνέστησαν} Ὀμ|ψαλ[άκ]ου [μν]ήμης | χάρειν.

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