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Grave of Moses the Head-goldsmith (Byzantine era) Korykos - Cilicia

Korykos (Cilicia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), Byzantine era (?)
IJO II 240 = MAMA III 607 = Margaret H. Williams, “The Jews of Corycus - A Neglected Diasporan Community from Roman Times,” JSJ 25 (1994) 274-286, at 281 (no. x) = PHI 286504 = AGRW ID# 13396
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1018


Margaret Williams (1994, 282 n.50) dates the inscription to the sixth century CE based primarily on the designation "Hebrew" (rather than "Judean / Jew").

Coffin of Moses, the head-goldsmith (protaurarios). Hebrew.

Translation by: Harland

σωματοθήκη | Μ̣ωσῖ προταυ|ραρίου Ἑβρ῰ος.

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