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Grave of Masas Prepared by the Society (undated) Tlos - Lycia

Tlos (Lycia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), undated
TAM II.2 640 = PHI 284529 = AGRW ID# 9365
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1652


Round limestone grave stone (68 x 47 cm).

Aphrodeisios son of Hermaios (?), Artemon son of Trokondos, Teimagoras son of . . . Name, Hermokrates son of Herakleides, Asklepiades son of Sabazion, Kleon son of Hipparchos, Diogenes son of Hermaios, Oulys son of . . . Name, Demosthenes son of Sothippos (?), Menostratos son of Parnassos, Iason son of . . . Name.  The society (thiasos) set this up for Masas, the society-member (thiasitēs), because of its affection (philostorgia) for him.

Translation by: Harland

Ἀφροδείσιος Ἑ[ρ]<μ>?αίου, Ἀρτέμ[ων] | Τροκόνδου, Τειμαγόρας Σ[— — —], | Ἑρμοκράτης Ἡρακλείδ̣ου, Ἀσκληπ[ιά]|[δ]ης Σαβαζίω̣νος, Κλέων Ἱππά[ρχου], || Διογένης Ἑρμαίου, Ουλυς Α[— —], | Δημοσθένης Σωθ̣?ίππο[υ], Μενόστρα̣|τος Παρνασσοῦ, Ἰάσων [— — —], | ὁ θίασος ἐπὶ Μάσᾳ τῷ θ̣[ια]σείτᾳ | φ̣ιλοστοργίας ἕνεκε[ν].

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