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Grave of Makedonikos with Bequest to Sign-bearers of Apollo (138-300 CE) Hierapolis - Phrygia

Hierapolis (Phrygia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), 138-300 CE
IHierapJ 153 = IPhrygR 19 = PHI 271769 = AGRW ID# 10525
Copenhagen Inventory info: 168


Coffin (sarcophagus) on the eastern side before the fork in the road in the northern necropolis. Here the association of sign-bearers are granted funds to decorate the grave with crowns (garlands) twice a year, likely on the anniversary of Makedonikos' and Julia's deaths.

The grave and the land belong to Marcus Julius Makedonikos.  Makedonikos and his wife Aelia Julia were buried in it and no one else is to be buried in it.  Whoever does so will pay a fine of 500 denarii to the treasury.  The Makedonikans (i.e. descendants of the heroized Makedonikos [?]) gave to the sign–bearers (sēmeiaphoroi) of Apollo Archegetes (“Founder”) grave–crowning funds in the amount of 7209 denarii for the tenth month and 7209 denarii for the third day of the first month.

Translation by: Harland

ἡ σορὸς καὶ ὁ τόπος Μάρ(κου) Ἰουλίου Μακεδονικοῦ, ἐν ᾗ ǀ [ἐ]κηδεύθη ὁ Μακεδονικὸς καὶ ἡ σύνβιος αὐτοῦ Αἰ[λί]ǀ[α] Ἰουλία· καὶ μηδενὶ ἑτέρῳ ἐξὸν κηδευθῆναι· ἂν οὐ (?), ἀποǀτείσει τῷ φίσκῳ 𐆖 {denarius symbol} φʹ. [ἔδ(?)]οσαν δὲ οἱ Μακεδονικοὶ τοῖς σημιαǀǀφόροι(ς) τοῦ Ἀρχηγέτου Ἀπόλλωνος στεφανωτικὸν μη(νὸς) ιʹ 𐆖 {denarius symbol} ͵Ζσθʹ ǀ καὶ [μη](νὸς) αʹ γʹ 𐆖 {denarius symbol} ͵Ζσθʹ.

IHierapJ 218: Facsimile by Judeich.
Public domain.


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