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Grave of Lamyra Involving Associations from the Imperial Household (138-300 CE) Ephesos - Ionia

Ephesos (Ionia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), 138-300 CE
IEph 2200A = CIL III 6077 = PHI 249860 = AGRW ID# 8596


Latin inscription. Found in the necropolis on the street from the Magnesian gate to the Artemis sanctuary.

To the divine spirits.  For his beloved wife Acilia Lamyra, Apollonios, slave of our Augustus, treasurer (arcarius) of the province of Asia, has built this monument and coffin (sarcophagus) for himself and his family.  The associations (collegia) written below, consisting of freedmen and slaves of our lord Augustus, take care of these (i.e. the monument and the coffin):  the great association, the Minervian association of accountants (tabularii) and the Faustinian association of registrars (commentarii), overseers (decuriones), and record keepers (tabellarii).  This monument does not pass to the heir.

Translation by: Harland

d(is) m(anibus)· | Aciliae Lamurae coniugi | carissimae Apollonius | Aug(usti) n(ostri) verna arcarius pro||vinciae Asiae hoc monumentum | cum sarcophago fecit et sibi et su|is. quorum curam agunt collegia | lib(ertorum) et servorum domini n(ostri) Aug(usti) i(nfra) s(cripta): | magnum, et Minervium tabulari||orum, et Faustinianum commen|taresium, et decurionum, et ta|bellariorum. | h(oc) m(onumentum) h(eredem) n(on) s(equetur).

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