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Grave of Julia Prepared by Quintilius Elpidephoros (II CE) Tusculum - Latium

Tusculum (Latium, Italy — Pleiades map), II CE
IDionysosJ 180 = Reinhold Merkelbach, "Dionysisches Grabepigramm aus Tusculum," ZPE 7 (1971) 280 = AGRW ID# 15827


This is one of several graves that attest the involvement of children in groups devoted to the mysteries (see the comments on GRA 100). Tusculum was about 25 km southeast of the city of Rome.

A nine–year–old girl entering her tenth year, who also perceives the pointless distress of my parents, I, Julia, daughter of my sweet father, Quintilius Elpidephoros, lie here, inhabiting the final, tear–soaked gift of my father.  Dionysos, the Bacchic one, invited me to dance in his societies (thiasoi) as leader of my company (speirē).

Translation by: Harland

παρθένος εἰναέτης, δέκατον βαίνουσ᾽ ἐνίαυτό[ν], ǀ ἤδε καὶ τοκέων ἅλιον μόχθον νοέουσα ǀ ᾽Ιουλία Κυιντιλίου θυγατὴρ γλυκεροῖο τοκῆος ǀ Ἐλπιδηφόροιο κεῖμαι τὴν πανυστάτην ǀǀ δωτείνην πατέρος πολυδά<κ>ρυτον ναίουσα· ǀ ὃν τείων Διόνυσος ὁ Βάκχιος ἐν θιά<σ>οισιν ǀ [ἡγ]ήτειραν ἐμὲ σπείρης ἐ[ν]έβησε [χ]ορεύειν.

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