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Grave of Glaphyros Prepared by the Association-members (170 CE) Saittai - Lydia

Saittai (Lydia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), 170/171 CE
SEG 29 (1979), no.1188 = Bakir-Barthel and Müller 1979, 171-172 (no. 29) = PHI 277074 = AGRW ID# 2030


Plaque of white marble (95 x 29-30 x 5).

Year 255 (of the Sullan era), eighth of the month of Apellaios.  The association-members (synbiōtai) honored their own friend, Glaphyros son of Diogenes (?), who lived 18 years.

Translation by: Harland

ἔτ(ους) σνεʹ, μη(νὸς) Ἀπ[ελλαίου] | ηʹ, Γλάφυρον Δ[ιογέ(?)]|νους οἱ συνβιω̣[ταὶ τὸν] | ἑαυτῶν φίλ[ον ζήσαν]||τα ἔτη ιηʹ.

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