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Grave of Gaius Seius Herakleon (150-75 BCE) Rheneia - Southwestern islands

Rheneia (Southwestern islands, Aegean Islands — Pleiades map), 150-75 BCE
M.-T. Couilloud and Le Dinahet, "Rhénée," BCH 102 (1978) 853-877, at 867 (no. 26) = SEG 28 (1978), no. 677 = PHI 215681 = AGRW ID# 20352


Lower part of a slab representing a standing man (15 x 32 x 9 cm). Although no association is mentioned here, this grave is included since the deceased is also attested as a leader of an association on Delos around 100 BCE (IDelos 1754 on this site). It is possible that this grave was erected by an association.

Farewell Gaius Seius Herakleon son of Gnaeus, a good man!

Translation by: Harland

Γάιε Σήιε Γναίoυ | Ἡρακλέων χρησ[τὲ] | χαῖρε.

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