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Grave Prepared by a Family Association of Julius Quadratus (140 CE) Saittai area [Thermai Theseos] - Lydia

Saittai area [Thermai Theseos] (Lydia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), 140/141 CE
TAM V 71 = IGRR IV 1377 = PHI 263465 = AGRW ID# 2113


Slab of marble (302 x 77 x 17cm). Thermai Theseos was located southeast of Saittai and southwest of Silandos.

Year 225 (of the Sullan era), on the first of the eleventh month.  The association (kollēgioncollegium) of the family of C. Julius Quadratus which is in Thermai Theseos in the region of Mokaddene honored Epitynchanon, hero (or: deceased) at the age of eight.  This was prepared by his father, Epitynchanon, and his mother, Soteris.

Translation by: Harland

ἔτους σκεʹ, μη(νὸς) ιαʹ πρ(οτέρᾳ). κολλήγιον φαμιλί|ας Γ. Ἰ(ουλίου) Κουαδράτου τ[ὸ] ὂν ἐν Θερμαῖς | Θησέως κώμῃ τῆς Μοκαδδηνῆς ἐ|τείμησαν Ἐπιτυνχάνοντα ἥρωα ἐ||τῶν ηʹ, προνοησαμένων Ἐπιτυν[χά]|νοντος πατρὸς καὶ μητρὸς Σωτηρίδος.

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