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Grave of Epigonos Prepared by a Society of Slaves (III CE) Byllis - Illyria

Byllis (Illyria, Greece and Macedonia — Pleiades map), III CE
Iliria: Revistë arkeologjike 2 (1987) 96 (no. 47) = SEG 38 (1988), no. 546 = PHI 194492 = AGRW ID# 22069


Slab of limestone with a relief.

(right side) Farewell Epigonos, 45 years old!  The society (thiasos) of Lecheatians which consists of slaves (douloi) set this up.

(left side) Fate (Moira).

Translation by: Harland

{right side} Ἐπίγονε | ἐτῶν ❦ μεʹ, | χαῖρε· | ὁ θίασος ΛΕΧΕ||ΑΤΩΝ ὁ τῶν | δούλων.
{left side} Μοῖ|ρα.

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