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Grave of Dion who Danced for Dionysos (imperial era) Nikomedia - Bithynia

Nikomedia (Bithynia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), imperial era
IDionysosJ 73 = SEG 34 (1984), no. 1266 = PHI 279822 = AGRW ID# 15791


The reference to dancing for Dionysos may imply participation in a group of initiates in Dionysos' mysteries (see the comments on GRA 100).

I, Dion, while alive, am a concern to you, Dionysos, both when I dance with the children and at the banquets (symposia), when I hold the nectar of Bromios (“Thunderer”).  But now I have set you up even by my tomb, at my side, for all to see, so that even when I am dead and existing in the future, I might see you.

Translation by: Harland

σοί, Διόνυσε, ǀ Δίων ζωὸς μετ̣ὰ̣ ǀ παισὶ χορεύων ǀ συνποσίοισι ǀǀ μέλω νέκταρ ǀ ἔχων Βρομίου· ǀ νῦν δέ σε καὶ παρὰ ǀ σῆμ’, ἐσορᾶν, ǀ ἵδρυσα παρά μμε̣ ǀǀ [ὄ]φρα καὶ ἂν φθίμενο[ς] ǀ καὶ ’σόμενός ǀ σε βλέπω.

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