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Grave of Diogenes Prepared by a Group of Weapon-Fans (after 212 CE) Termessos - Pisidia

Termessos (Pisidia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), after 212 CE
TAM III 400 = PHI 280505 = AGRW ID# 9865
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1669


Coffin (sarcophagus; 82 x 172 x 82 cm). The group of "weapon-lovers" or "weapon-fans" (philoploi) may be a group of fans of gladiatorial competitions (cf. IEph 3070 = IGladiateurs 200; IMilet 403), or a gladiatorial association, or an association of soldiers.

The weapon–fans (philoploi) prepared the sarcophagus for Diogenes son of Theodoros and for his son Aurelius Diogenes only.  But no one else is allowed to open it or to bury anyone in it.  If someone does this, he will pay a fine of 1000 denarii to Zeus Solymeus (“of Mount Solymos”).

Translation by: Harland

οἱ φίλοπλοι τὴν σωματοθήκην ǀ Διογένει Θεοδώρου καὶ τῷ υἱῷ αὐτοῦ ǀ Αὐρ(ηλίω) Διογένει μόνοις· ἄλλω δὲ οὐδεǀνὶ ἐξ̣έσ̣ται ἀνῦξ̣αι ἢ ἐπιθάψαι τινά, ǀǀ ἐπεὶ ἐ̣κτείσει Διὶ Σολυμεῖ ǀ (δην.) ͵Α.

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