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Grave of Caesius Prepared by a Synod (II CE) Pantikapaion - Bosporan region

Pantikapaion (Bosporan region, Danube and Black Sea areas — Pleiades map), II CE
IBosp 86 = IPontEux IV 469 = GGSR 50a = PHI 182803 = AGRW ID# 7615
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1285


Slab of marble (26-37 x 55 x 19 cm; letter height: 3.5 cm). Found at Kerch in 1900, now in Kerch Historical and Archaeological Museum (inv. КЛ-265).

Caesius Phlegon.  The synod (synodos) gathered around Hermogenes the synagogue-leader (synagōgos) and Kallistratos the goodness-loving official (philagathos) set this up in memory of their own synod-member (synodeitēs).

Translation by: Harland

Καίσιον Φλέγοντα σύνοδος, | ἡ περὶ συναγωγὸν Ἑρμογένη | καὶ φιλάγαθον Καλλίστρατον, | τὸν συνοδείτην || μνήμης χ̣[άριν].

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