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Grave of an Association of Christian Linen-dealers (undated) Korykos - Cilicia

Korykos (Cilicia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), undated
MAMA III 770 = ICiliciaHW 151 = Waltzing, no. 98 = PHI 286670 = AGRW ID# 13477
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1016


Sarcophagus cover with an inscription.

☩ Grave (thēkē) belonging to the association (systēma) of linen–dealers (linopōloi) of the harbour of the city of the Korykaians. ☩

Translation by: Harland

☩ θήκη διαφέρουσα ǀ τῷ συστήματι τῶν λημενητῶν (λιμενιτῶν) ǀ λινοπωλῶν τῆς ǀ Κωρυκαιωτῶν ☩

MAMA III 770: Facsimile from Keil and Wilhelm.
Public domain.

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