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Grave of Alypianos Prepared by Musicians (170/171 CE) Saittai area [Satala] - Lydia

Saittai area [Satala] (Lydia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), 170/171 CE
ILydiaM 145 = SEG 49 (1999), no. 1683 = AGRW ID# 21294


Slab of marble with a triangular top (pediment) and tenon. A disk and flowers are depicted in the pediment. There is a large wreath above the inscription. Now in the Museum in Manisa. Satala was located between Saittai and Sardis. The style of the inscription on the epitaph matches closely those found at Saittai.

In the year 255 on the 10th of Deios, the synod (synodos) of musicians (mousikoi) honored Alypianos son of Epithymetes, who lived 11 years.

Translation by: Harland

Ἔτ(ους) σνεʹ, μη(νὸς) Δείου ιʹ ἡ | σύνοδος τῶν μο|υσικῶν ἐτίμησαν | Ἀλυπιανὸν Ἐπιθυ|μήτου ζήσαντα || ἔτ(η) ιαʹ vac.

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