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Grave of Saturninus the Bacchic Dancer (134 CE) Claudiopolis - Bithynia

Claudiopolis (Bithynia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), 134 CE
IKlaudiop 83 = PHI 279444 = AGRW ID# 13216


Pillar of marble found in 1983, now in a private garden in Bolu (137 x 38 cm; letter height: 3 cm).

You are looking down at me, a dead person who died young.  I was called Saturninus, a bacchic dancer (orchēstēs) who pleased great cities.  Now I lie in the dirt of my homeland, having sailed through twelve years twice and unable to reach out my hands to my parents.

Translation by: Harland

ὠκύμορον καθορᾷς με | νεκύν, Σατουρνῖνος δ’ ἐ|καλούμην, | Βαχχικὸς ὀρ|χηστὴς ἀρέσας πόλεσίν || τε μεγίσταις. | κεῖμαι δ’ ἐν | γαίῃ πατρίᾳ δὶς δώδεχ’ ἔ|τη διαπλῆσας | μήτε γο|νεῦσιν ἐμοῖς χεῖρας ὀρε|ξάμενος.

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